Yoni Bath Tea Bag

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There is nothing like a bath with one of these luxurious little sachets full of organic herbs and soothing botanicals. Each one creates a delicious bath designed to either detox, tighten or relax you and your yoni.  You take care of every other part of your body so, take care of your intimate self.

 Ingredients:  Rose, Basil, Mughort, White Sage, Chamomile, Lavender, Raspberry Leaf, and more 

Directions:  Bath-time-   Run warm to hot water in the tub. Apply 1 tea bag and soak for 15-20 min.   This can be done once a week to maintain healthy yoni care.  

Warning ⚠️Don’t add shower gel or bubble bath to your water!  

✅ Soak in tea bath only✅ 

 Then after your soak use our Pure Bar Soap to cleanse yoni.