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Tams Itchy Scalp Collection Kit

Tams Itchy Scalp Collection Kit

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This set includes all products needed to properly cleanse and purify your itchy scalp, and get rid of flaky hair.  

Step 1:  Scalp Detox treatment gets rid of any scalp flakes, dry scalp or any other build up on the scalp.  

Step 2:  Apply the Scalp Detoxifier.  Rinse your hair the apply Charcoal Tea Shampoo to clean hair and relieve itchy scalp. 

Step 3:  Then rinse and apply Charcoal Tea Tree Conditioners for the cooling down process that will not only relax you but heal any redness and/or abrasions.  

  •  The Charcoal Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner can be used after the relaxing process.  It is great for healing and cooling down scalp irritation. This kit leaves your hair soft and manageable.  

Step 4:  Itchy Scalp Tonic is great for protective styles to help prevent itchy scalp.  It also kills fungus and bacteria growth that causes dandruff.  

Step 5:  Hydrating Scalp Oil or Papilla Oil are both excellent options after drying your hair.  Hydrating oil helps with hair growth and our papilla oil helps to maintain moisture and hair retention.  

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