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Lux Biz & Beauty Suites

Suite 0


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Suite 1

Sunny Lashes

Master Lash Tech

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Suite 2


Master Sister Loc Stylist

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Suite 3


Braider and Sister Loc Stylist

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Suite 4

Mobb Wives

Expertly Crafted Wigs for Every Occasion by a Trusted Wig Maker.

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Suite 5

Ms. Pinky

Master Braider and Hair Stylist

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Suite 6

Anarcha Interiors

Elevate Your Space with Artisanal Creations for Homes, Cities, Churches, and More.

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Suite 7

Suite for Lease May 1st

165 a week to week

150 a week One year lease.

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Suite 8


Experience Professional Hair Care Services at Our Studio.

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Suite 9

Radiant & Refined

Clothing boutique

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Suite 10 in A-6

Master Barber and Loc Stylist

Unlock the Beauty of Your Hair with my Expert Loc Styling Services.

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Suite 11


Not taking new clients

Suite 12

Tams Beauty Supply

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