About Us

Tamara Bozeman, a mother of one, was born in Mississippi and spent her early years in a warm house surrounded by the serene beaches of Gulfport. Her journey into the world of cosmetology began in the tenth grade when she embarked on a path that would later define her success. Tamara obtained her cosmetology license in the 11th grade, showcasing remarkable talent that propelled her to the top of her state for hairdressing in 2000.

Eager to refine her craft, Tamara pursued education at Dudley University, excelling in the Level 1 program and earning the prestigious title of Class President. By the age of 24, she had become a Beauty School Director, Spa Manager, and a top-earning Master Hair Stylist. Her passion for the industry and commitment to excellence led her to open her own business, where she not only thrived but also created opportunities for other stylists to flourish in their careers.

Tamara's dedication to mentoring and fostering growth remains unwavering. Even today, she continues to inspire and guide others, helping them achieve their goals in the dynamic world of beauty and entrepreneurship.

Motivated to create wholesome products for both herself and others, Tamara delved into researching natural ways to care for hair and the body. It was during this exploration that Tam's Natural Solution came into existence—a handmade line crafted with a blend of nourishing ingredients, prioritizing the well-being of clients above all else.
We're delighted that you've selected Tam's Natural Solution to accompany you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.


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