About Us

The founder established this company out of her personal adverse experience using chemicalized hair care products for 20 years in beauty industry.  The founder has had two tumors removed out of her breast and has had operation to remove her gallbladder. The founder realized, after extensive research that the products she was using on her clients were harmful to them and to her. From this personal experience, and a desire to protect the health of her customers and herself, Tam’s Natural Solutions was birthed.
Tam’s Natural Solutions is a green products for hair and body products. Tam’s is the better options when it comes to healthy beauty products. It works Naturally to help skin and hair issues and help get rid of issues Naturally without harmful chemicals.
With TAMS, we want to help create jobs for our communities, manufacture and distribute healthy hair and body care products, that are made with real ingredients, reaching out to other salons with a unique and healthy product as a replacement for the various chemicalized products currently being used in most salon.